Warranty and Repairs

  1. All products must be checked by the customer for correctness, completeness and defects immediately upon receipt.
  2. If the customer discovers defects, they must be reported immediately. Otherwise, the customer loses his/her warranty rights.
  3. The customer’s warranty rights are exclusively based on the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. If the manufacturer/supplier does not voluntarily comply with its warranty obligation, we shall assign the warranty rights to the customer for legal enforcement. In this case, we do not accept any further warranty liability.
  4. In the event of damage to a product during transport, the customer is obliged to make the claims against the transport company in accordance with their terms and conditions. In this case, we do not accept any further warranty liability.
  5. The customer loses his/her warranty rights in any case if:
    1. Customer modifies the product, device or software in any way (examples: voltage modification, removal of the fan, etc.);
    2. Customer removes or replaces components of the products without prior written approval from us
    3. The damage is caused by poor power supply, lightning, or overvoltage
    4. The damage caused by water or a humid environment
    5. Inappropriate or improper use

Note: If a product has a special warranty and repair condition, it is mentioned on the product page.